High on the Mountain Tops with Zoo 2: Animal Park

Lots to do in the Mountains: a new animal and an event are waiting for you

The newest arrival in Zoo 2: Animal Park’s shop is the Ocelot. Feeling at home in mountain enclosures, the Ocelot is now available for diamonds and as collectible card item for six cards.

This beautiful, lean wild cat originally stems from South America’s tropical rain forests and dry mountainous regions up to 1,200 meters high. Their beautiful fur made these cats highly desirable for the fashion industry, driving them almost to extinction. Nowadays hunting and trading is strictly prohibited.

To remind us how important it is to take care, we are running a five-day event, inviting all Zoo 2: Animal Park players. From now through to Tuesday, July 22nd, 11:59h CEST, you will receive 150% more experience from feeding, grooming and playing with animals in mountain enclosures.

Have fun!

Zoo 2: Animal Park
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