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Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Rise to the challenges of prehistoric time. A Stone Age browser game, Stonies will whisk you away to the earliest era of human history. Slip into the role of a deity and secure the survival of your tribe. Complete captivating and entertaining tasks with the help of the Stonie men, women and children. Collect berries, catch fish, craft tools and weapons, go hunting with your tribe, take down wild boars and stags, construct ritual sites, build huts, and make sure to have your Stonies fall in love to make your village grow and secure the future of your tribe. Experience this extraordinary Stone Age browser game and clear the way into modernity for your Stonies!

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Addictive, fun, cute, runs great, fantastic graphics. It's my new favorite.

Stonies - Discover the Stone Age Browser Game

Travel in time to the beginnings of human history. Discover the Stone Age and secure the survival of your Stonie tribe. Teach them to make fire, how to hunt and make the weapons they need to do it. Have them build religious ritual sites, expand your village, build huts and countless other buildings. Stonies is a multi-faceted browser game, which allows you to accompany a special group of men, women and children through human history. Master exciting tasks, let your tribe grow and flourish and accelerate the evolution of your kin. Previously only available for smartphones and tablets, you can now play the popular Stone Age game right on your computer. Create a free account at and begin your own adventure. Over the course of the game, you'll discover a multitude of strategies and customization options. Fell trees, shatter stones, collect berries and support your Stonies, so that they can face the perils of the rugged wilderness. Make carving stones and whittle wooden figurines, explore the wilds and experience an all-round extraordinary game with impressive 3D graphics. Intuitive game controls allow you to jump right in, while still allowing you a plethora of different types of tasks. Let yourself be surprised! Dive into the Stone Age and rise to the challenge. Prove your skill as a leader and hone your skills in one of the roughest eras of human history. Play the Stone Age browser game now!

Experience human history with the Stonies!

Stealthily without a sound, your Stonie sneaks up on the magnificent reindeer. Clothed in rugged fur slung around his shoulder, he carries a long spear, which he handles deftly. Deep in concentration, he lifts his arm and aims for the animal. And throws. It's a hit! The majestic specimen crumbles to the ground, the hunt was a success. Your tribe will eat well, and will be supplied with enough valuable sinew for the next few days. Sinew is an important material in crafting various tools and weapons. In the extraordinary Stone Age browser game Stonies, you will lead a tribe of cavemen and aid them with their hunting and gathering. Now Stonies can even be played on your personal computer! Dive into a magical atmosphere and experience the earliest era of human history for yourself. Teach your Stonies special skills, such as making fire and cooking the meat they hunt; send them out to gather berries and mushrooms, supply them with food and teach them to make tools and weapons. Lead the way through numerous stages of human history, help along evolution and let your tribe grow and prosper. Build huts, let men and women fall in love, and raise the cute Stonie offspring. Stonies offers limitless possibilities and customization options. Come check out the wonderful Stone Age browser game!

Fight for survival

What a tranquil scene! Deer are grazing peacefully, boars are snuffling around for food, and bunnies are hopping carelessly among the tufts of grass. Your Stonies are sitting on logs by the campfires, enjoying the sunshine, or collecting berries. In Stonies, you will take charge of this tribe in a completely new Stone Age browser game experience. Master exciting challenges and adventures. Explore a wide, wild world. Hone your Stonies skills and teach them the means to survive – how to build huts and store their food. But make sure their rations are eaten so that they don't spoil. Stonies will provide tons of Stone Age browser game fun. Prove your skills as a leader. Secure the future of your tribe by playing cupid for the Stonies and give them everything they need for their families to thrive. Explore various areas of the game and enjoy the breathtaking 3D graphics.. Let yourself be surprised by regular updates with plenty of charming ideas. Provide the necessities of everyday life by having the Stonies build huts and construct religious sites and prepare them for new challenges. Originally available only as an app for smartphones and tablets, Stonies is now finally available right in your browser as a unique Stone Age browser game. Play now and make your first steps in the history of mankind. Your Stonies await you, oh mighty being! Slip into this unusual role and support your Stonies in the fight for survival in this one-of-a-kind prehistoric tycoon. Let's go!