Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick, Chick!

Birds of a feather stick together! Get even more birds for your zoo with our Aviary Week!
Hidden away in your aviaries, your magnificent flying specimens are often overlooked. Time to change that by luring visitors in with images of fluffy owl chicks - and letting them discover for themselves that the most stunning birds tend to have rather hideous offspring. Our Aviary Week is a fantastic ugly duckling teaching moment for visitors' children!

From now until April 25 at 10:59 am CEST, select bird breedings will result in triplets! That's right - every successful Striped Owl, Galah, Black-Chested Buzzard-Eagle, Glittering-Throated Emerald, Western Crowned Pigeon and Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise breeding completed* before April 25 at 10:59am CEST will grant you triplets!

In addition to extra babies, all players who breed triplets will also receive twice the experience. And if the breeding wasn't successful? Players will receive twice the experience anyway, as a bit of a consolation prize.

Please note: The experience bonus is already calculated into the pop-up display that appears for your information after a successful breeding. You can also find detailed entries with exact exp numbers in the System Log. Just click on the Adviser on the top left!


*Breedings must complete during the event period; breedings that were started during the event will not result in triplets once the event expires.
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