Celebrate all Mothers Great and Small

The Mother's Day campaign in My Free Zoo has begun! Celebrate mothers with unique decorations and earn yourself a brand-new animal, the Harbor Seal!

Mothers are important creatures - both in the human and the animal world. They nurture and care for their young, providing them with the best possible start into an exciting life. Let us celebrate mothers with another special Mother's Day Campaign in My Free Zoo!

Every decoration you place in your zoo will give you points in the form of White Tulips. Collecting enough Tulips before the event ends on May 13th at 11:59am CEST will allow you to earn some exciting rewards, including last year's grand prize, the Honey Badger and a brand new exclusive animal species: the Harbor Seal!

Harbor Seals are excellent swimmers can can spend up to 30 minutes at a time underwater, diving down to depths of 200m. Their offspring are fluffy and white, capable of seeing and swimming within hours of being born on the shore. When their mothers go out to hunt, the young will wait for them on the shore, calling for them.

It should come as no surprise that Harbor Seals will need a water enclosure.

You'll find a whole slew of beautiful Mother's Day decorations, ranging from boxtree hedges over glory-of-the-snow flowerbeds to swan fountains in the Zoo Shop! There's also a special terrain to match the decorations:white ornamental gravel! 

Come check it out now!

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