A colorful bouquet of flowers for Molehill Empire‘s Collector

Two new bonuses for collectors of flowers

Soon spring will officially begin, so the Collector of Rarities has created two new bonuses for all the nice flowers we introduced to the game during the previous months.

To get the „Picker of Flowers“ bonus, you need to collect Chicory, Sibirian Iris, Bog asphodel and Maiden pink. For that you will receive 3 Saguaro Lv. 5, 2 Echino Lv. 5 as well as 2 Opuntia Lv. 5.

The „Admirer of Flowers“ bonus calls for liverleaf, devil's-bit, common cowslip, common poppy and garden speedwell. For that you will receive 3 Echino Lv. 5, 2 Bighead Lv. 5 and 2 Opuntia Lv. 5.

Wishing eveytime six inches of water in your watering pot!

Let's go!