Upjers Portal
The upjers Games Portal - the best games & great advantages!

The upjers Portal - The Best Games, Great Perks!

What is an upjers Account?

The upjers Portal has all the best games and lots of great perks. Registering in the Portal allows you to play all games conveniently with a single upjers account:

  • Use community features
  • Be a part of the gaming community in the forums
  • Share tips and useful information
  • Earn upjers points

You can find out more about the upjers Portal and upjers points in our videos:


Your upjers account lets you collect achievements, which gives you upjers points. These can be redeemed for great rewards in a game of your choice:


Log in daily for even more upjers points

Collecting points has never been easier: Every day in the upjers Portal will net you points. Just stop by daily and log in to get upjers points from the daily scratchcard. Your upjers points can be redeemed for premium currency in almost all of our games. Give it a try!

We look forward to seeing you! Experience the upjers Portal!
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Upjers Playground
Even more perks with upjers Playground

Tons of Advantages with the upjers Playground

Did you know? With the upjers Playground, you'll get even more upjers points!

The upjers Playground was developed just for you and is the best browser for upjers games. With this player, you'll never have Flash issues again, and your favorite upjers games will launch even faster. Simply download it and have even more fun!

Find out everything you need to know in this video:

upjers playground