Kapi Hospital: you are invited to the birthday party

Join us in celebrating Kapi Hospital‘s 9th anniversary

On a special occasion like Kapi Hospital’s 9th anniversary, Professor Fluffling invites all patients and senior physicians to celebrate this incredible moment!

And you are invited to join the party, too.

Log in on the 31st of May between 0:00h (midnight) and 23:59h CEST, to get your free birthday present: the “Golden Nine”. On top of this you can take the bus to Fractureford for free.

And because a good party needs party games, the professor has prepared a proper hopscotch-event.

Roll the dice, score high and make it to the end of the court. The further you get, the higher the number of party blowers you collect. If you manage to get 2,400 of these by the end of Tuesday, June 18th, 23:59h CEST, you will get the main prize: double experience and hospital dollars until the end of the 30th of June!

Kapi Hospital
Let's go!