Garbage Garage celebrates its first anniversary!

Don't miss out great anniversary party! Log in now, celebrate with Uwe, Peter and Manni Ludolf, the iconic junkyard owners, and gain a heap of points!

The Ludolfs are your teachers in this game: they will show you the tricks of the trade, that is, for instance, how to get the best prices for your spare parts, what's expecting you on the black market, which awesome items you can get to spice up your junkyard, which challenges the quest-system is offering you, and how to best pimp your rides. 

Experience the entertaining junkyard-universe of Garbage Garage, and get a great surprise on the game's anniversary. What's that, you'd like to know? Until Wednesday August 28th 2013 11:59 am CEST, dismantling your cars will gain you a total of 50% more points!

So best log in now, and start taking apart some new vehicles!

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Garbage Garage
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