Garbage Garage - Who's the true junkyard king?

It's time to pimp your ride! With the release of our popular Garbage Game to the English-speaking audience, we're offering our players a completely new car game experience!

Our browser game Garbage Garage lets you start up your own business as junkyard owner.

Sign up on this cool car game and dismantle battered old rides. Use their parts to create new vehicles that you may then use to compete against real opponents inside the in-game arena.



Keep expanding your junkyard, and soon you won't just be able to reuse the salvaged parts of cars, but also those of boats, helicopters, tanks, rockets and even spaceships. Have your friends help you sell the scrap parts and trade vehicles on the shady black market.

You're into action? Then go visit the arena - and get down to business!










Pimp your ride with dangerous equipment and show your fellow players who's the true junkyard king!
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Garbage Garage
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