Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo now available for PC and Laptop!

You can not only experience the prehistoric world of dinosaurs on your mobile phone, but also on your computer – thanks to the new WebGl game version.

Brontosaurus, Protoceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex have extended their territory from mobile phones to computers... play the browser version of Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo now!
You can help researcher Walter Ryan create a dinosaur park. The reason for this is that an expedition team found frozen dinosaurs in Antarctica and were able to bring them back to life. Now you need to build enclosures, feeding troughs and playthings for the prehistoric monsters.

Breed cute dino babies and turn your dino zoo into ultimate tourist attraction! Then you can earn even more money by selling food and merchandise.
Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo has already enjoyed a very successful start in the App Stores. Now the new WebGL version brings upjers' colourful dinosaur world to your PC. This makes our dino game a cross-platform game, meaning you can play on your mobile phone as well as on your PC!
Don’t waste any time and register for Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo now!

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