Zoo 2: Animal Park now released as browser version

You do not need a smartphone or tablet to play our 3D zoo game anymore. We released the successful mobile gaming app as browser version!

Zoo 2: Animal Park is a lovingly animated 3D browser game with a lots of details to discover. All animals, enclosure decorations from feeding trough to pet toys have their own individual animation – so detailed you can zoom in to pet and play with your animals.

Previously released as mobile app, we recently celebrated more than three million downloads. Now you can join your ingame friends from home and help them chasing after stray rabbits or shoo away pesky thiefs stealing your animal’s food.

Following the story behind Zoo 2: Animal Park, you will find dramatic, funny and exciting details about your zoo and the people involved – maybe even learn about the former’s zoo owners love story.

Start playing Zoo 2: Animal Park now!

Zoo 2: Animal Park can be played in your browser and your mobile device. Find about how to link your accounts cross-platform in this video:

Zoo 2: Animal Park
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