Five million players for Zoo 2: Animal Park!

The patently cutest 3D zoo game delights gamers all over the globe! Whether on the smartphone, tablet or PC: upjers colorful animal world is available as a cross-platform game.

Five million players can't be mistaken: Zoo 2: Animal Park is an absolute hit in App Stores and is very popular among browser gamers as well. The great success is no surprise, as the zoo animals have detailed animations and react to every single interaction of yours.

Feed and pet your animals or entertain them with a ball: You will see your panda, lion and co. react like a real animal. For this zoo simulation game, having the magic touch for animals won't be enough - a good business sense is also required to be a successful zoo director. For instance you can attract more visitors with beautiful decorations and interesting stalls. 

Especially baby animals are very popular among zoo visitors - this fact makes the breeding feature in Zoo 2: Animal Park extra interesting. You can even join a club to acquire rewards with other players. Did you already start wondering how the game works? Then check out this video:

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Zoo 2: Animal Park
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