Aquariums and a Refreshing Event

It's finally time! Aquariums are now available in Wauies - and with them, the first opportunity to fill them with some beautiful fish in our 2016 Summer Sports Event!

Now you can finally keep fish in your pet shop!
We're pleased to announce that aquariums are finally here - and with them, their very first inhabitant, the classic Goldfish!

You'll also have your first opporunity to stock up your new aquariums with two other fish currently available from our Summer Sports Event: the Rainbowfish and the Koi. And you can even keep them all in the same tank!

From now until August 25th at 10:59am, you'll be able to purchase summer games-themed decorations in these shop. But there's a twist: These decorations give you Medals at regular intervals, and these can be redeemed for a bunch of snazzy and exclusive prizes, including pieces for the Rainbowfish, Koi, Large Aquarium, and most importantly, a breeding tank, which will allow you to breed baby fish! 

You'll find more detailed information in our forum announcement, or you can just dive right in and explore the event
and the new feature right in the game!

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