Watch out for those Snowballs!

This cheeky little snowball-slinger is pelting the poor Uptasians with snowballs, giving Uptasia that authentic winter feel!

Who hasn't enjoyed playing around in the snow all day, only to come home soaked in the evening to enjoy a nice hot mug of hot chocolate in the cozy comfort of their home?

Little Peter, an exceptionally cheeky ragamuffin, is no exception -- he's delighted by the masses of snow in Uptasia and has been throwing his own snow balls at all the villagers.

Effective immediately, snowball-tossing Peter will be credited with each purchase of premium currency of at least 100 Gems*.

Placing Peter on your map will give you a whopping 200 decoration points, and he only takes up a 1x1 square!

*Each payment is counted separately. You will only get Peter if you buy at least 100 gems in a single transaction. Several smaller payments (for instance, 2x 50 gems) will not count!

Tags: uptasia, bonus item, snowball peter
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