New Worlds in Uptasia

Create miniature worlds with specific themes with our brand-new diorama feature in Uptasia!

Now you can create whole new miniature worlds in Uptasia - and free up some space at the same time!

We're pleased to introduce a brand-new feature: Dioramas!

Players level 9 and up will now be able to purchase dioramas in both the regular and the Magic Tower shop

These unique items can be placed on your map and filled with just about anything that you would have on your normal map: 
Factories, decorations, sculptures and trees, citizens and houses. 

Dioramas lend themselves to creating little scenes with a specific themes; the snow dioramas are exceptionally well-suited to showing off your wonderful winter decorations that look a little out of place in the summery Uptasia!

Create whole new worlds! Come check it out now, or find out more in the forums!

Tags: uptasia, dioramas, miniatures
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