Natural Outdoor Furniture is in!

Natural furniture is all the range this year. The Uptasians are thrilled by this new rustic, artisan, hand-crafted, natural, free range, environmentally friendly, emissions-free Mossy Bench!

Effective Immediately, the Mossy Bench, an extremely comfortable piece of outdoor furniture, will be credited with every purchase of premium currency of at least 100 gems*.


Wonderfully fragrant and velvety soft, this natural bench integrates itself artfully into the scenery. It's beauty is so astonishing that it grants 200 decoration points. To make room for plenty of Uptasians, the bench takes up 1x3 fields on space on your map. 



*Each payment is counted separately. You will only get the Mossy Bench if you buy at least 100 gems in a single transaction. Several smaller payments (for instance, 2x 50 gems) will not count!

Tags: Uptasia, free bonus item, Mossy Bench
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