Magic is in the Air!

Now you can play even more hidden object games! And best of all, you now have a brand-new way to collect Magic Crystals, which you can spend on exclusive items in the Magic Tower.

Magic is in the air! A low hum has been heard echoing through the stone walls, and of course, Uptasia's most celebrated explorer had no choice but to track down the source. And after hours of sniffling and climbing, poking and prodding, she's managed unearth a hidden chamber covered in a fine, glittering dust - and what's that? A portal leading to the town's buildings!

Bianca lost no time in proclaiming herself the Chief Feline in Charge of Magical Anomalies and has declared that all players level 8 and up may enter the room to play randomly selected hidden object games.

For every successfully solved hidden object game, she will let you have a little bit of Magic Dust. And if you collect 35 Magic Dust, she has even agreed to use her newly acquired magical powers to turn into into a Magic Crystal! 

Every day, you can stop by and play 5 free games . Of course, you'll only be given hidden object puzzles you've already played.

Tags: Uptasia, Magic Tower, hidden object games, Magic Crystals
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