Golden Goose, Golden Nuggets

HONK! Strange sounds have been coming from all over the place. Some people claim they've seen something gold flashing in the bushes. But so far, no one has figured out what this mysterious creature is. Sounds like a case for Bianca the detective!

The Uptasians have seen something shimmering in the bushes. There's a rustle here, and a rustle there, but so far, the very confused Uptasians have been unable to find its source. Imagine their astonishment, when they found golden nuggets where they thought the sounds were coming from!

But once again, Bianca made it her mission to find out what's up - and returned soon after, proudly holding a single golden feather in her mouth. With big eyes and enthusiastic meowing, she tries to tell the Uptasians what she has seen... 

Effective immediately, the Golden Goose "Henrietta" is now available as a pet in the shop for 60 Gems. The Woodsman isn't the only one who knows a thing or two about enchanting people with Nuggets. This feathery beauty will give its owner daily gifts of Nuggets or even Seeker Tickets, helping players upgrade their Woodsman's Cabin faster.

Tags: Uptasia, golden goose, henrietta, pets
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