A Hotel for Uptasia

There's so much to see in Uptasia, so it's no wonder that there's been a flood of tourists lately. Luckily, Uptasia has a brand new hotel!

People are coming from far and wide to see the beautiful Uptasian countryside and picturesque towns. These lovely hovels are poorly equipped to deal with such masses though, and after a bit of deliberation, the town council has decided to build a hotel.

Bianca, in a dashing new bellhop uniform, has enthusiastically volunteered to work there. But she may have misunderstood her bellhop duties a little - usually, she can be found curled up sleeping on random piles of luggage as the clutter just grows and grows...

The Hotel can now be purchased in the shop for 70 Gems. This brand-new hidden object building requires neither a building permit nor a minimum number of customers and never needs to be repaired. Its slots, when unlocked, generate either Coppers or experience points. 

Tags: Uptasia, hidden object games, hotel,
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