Let the Sacrifices Begin!

Chanting, dark rituals, demons... the new Sacrificial Temple in Undermaster has it all!

For weeks now, strange and disturbing sounds have been drifting up from the depths of the dungeons. Imps have been plagued by nightmares, and even the warlocks haven't been quite comfortable. The voodoo doctors alone have been exchanging mirthful glances, giggling every time they pass by a terrified imp in the hallways...

At night, the voodoo doctors gather and chant "ZapacnaZapacna, Zapacna - ah! ZapacnaZapacna, Zapacna - oh! ZapacnaZapacna, Zapacna - ah!" ... and it looks like Zapacna has finally heard their calls... The Sacrificial Temple is now here!

Upon reaching level 80, all players will receive a Sacrificial Altar, 5 Sacrificial Altar pieces, a Summoning Pit, 5 Summoning Pit pieces, 10 Sacrificial Temple Floor Tiles and 5000 Imp Goo. Thus equipped, they will be ready to dive into the dark arts and prove their fealty to the demonic overlord Zapacna - or just enjoy twisting helpless earth imps into demonic wraiths for battle - we don't judge.

Sacrifices are complicated business - there are altars to be prepared, gunk to be cleaned, warlocks to be cajoled into summing powerful demonic imps... you can find out everything you need to know in our forums!

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Let's go!