Stonies Now Available as a Browser Game

You can now play Stonies even without a smartphone or tablet! Found your Stone Age village right in the comfort of your browser and play your part in the history of humanity!

One lone Stonie and a berry bush are all that you have when you first play Stonies - but that's only the beginning. Soon, your Stonie will learn to make his first hand axe and fall in love. From young love will spring a family, and soon, a flourishing tribe. You may already be familiar with the Stonies from the app - but now you can finally play the game in the comfort of your browser.

Send your little Stone Age people out to collect wood and pick berries. Countless inventions from tools to fire will help your little settlement prosper. Small grass huts will give way to leather and wood huts.

Teach your Stonies to hunt, fish, grow crops and keep animals - they will thank you by leading prosperous lives.

If you already have Stonies as an app, you can simply link your account to the browser game. This can only be done through the app, not a browser game account. We wish you lots of Stone Age fun in your browser! Register now and play Stonies!

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