Information on virtual currencies

Participating at our games is generally possible for free. Despite that fact, we enable our players to use cost incurring services. That is why we would like to explain the meaning of virtual currencies, which play an important role in the frame of our games, in the following.

Virtual currencies serve to upgrade a user's game world, and decisively enable players to progress inside the game. There are two different types of currencies available in our games: the in-game currency (play money), and what we refer to as the premium-currency.

Players may gain the in-game currency by completing a variety of tasks during the course of the game, and use it in the game afterwards. The attainable amount of play money lets players access all basic functions required to play the game.

The premium currency may be used to unlock additional content inside our games, such as decoration, special features, or serve to accelerate the gameplay. If required, it may also be exchanged into the in-game currency. Premium currency is not stringently required to play the game, but merely gives the player further options.

To a limited extent, players are able to gain the premium currency as a reward inside the game. Aside of this, the premium currency can be acquired by a separate payment process - upjers' payment system - in exchange for real money. Here, we offer our players a variety of payment providers ensuring an easy payment transaction. Orders are made via one-time payments, players are unable to enter into subscriptions here.

Among others, the premium currency may also be ordered via telephone or SMS. In this case, the payment will be collected via the telephone subscriber's telephone bill. In this context we would like to point out that the telephone subscriber may be made liable for services used by relatives or third parties. To prevent the use of added value services via a specific connection, we suggest to have respective telephone numbers blocked by way of precaution. Your telephone or mobile phone provider will provide you with further information on that subject.

If, in addition to this, you wish to prevent a specific user account from accessing upjers' payment system, you may contact our support-team by indicating the login name as well as the registered email-address, and we will instantly deactivate this function for the account in question.