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Stonies - Now Live in the UK!

Experience the age of hunters and gatherers! In this brand-new app, you'll be able to help a group of cavemen learn to live a sessile life - and flourish into a thriving society!

Life is rough when you're all alone in the rugged wilderness, with nothing to eat and nowhere to live. That's the predicament you'll find your first Stonie in. With your help, he'll learn to forage for food, and even build a place to live - after some time, his small homestead will attract other Stonies, families will grow, and your tribe will develop into a florishing society!

In our brand-new app, Stonies, you'll be whisked back into the Stone Age. Seen as a wise and benevolent god by your prehistoric kin, you'll be able to guide their development, teach them new skills and expand their territory as you progress through eras. Invent, build, learn - and create a thriving society.

Harvest resources, build huts and workshops, craft your own weapons, learn to fish and hunt, and discover the magic of simpler times.

Lovingly detailed and unique in its gameplay, Stonies is sure to captivate you! The game is now officially released in the United Kingdom, and will follow soon in the rest of the world! 

Download it now for Android!

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