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New: Infinite Dronin - endless cyber-battle-arena action

Your sword, your drone, your run!

Battle your way through endless cyber arenas – become the next star of Infinite Dronin! Solo or on Twitch you are the runner. Your task: complete the longest run! Your weapons: A sword and your drone!

Infinite Dronin is the rogue-like Hack&Slash adventure of the future. Level your drones, get on Twitch and enjoy the mayhem!

The twist of this game: on Twitch, viewers can interact with the streamer’s run! The Infinite Dronin Twitch extensions allows the audience to send their own drones or vote on the runner’s next skill.

More on Infinite Dronin in our newest blog entry "Infinite Dronin: Online-gaming with Twitch extension"

Check out Infinite Dronin on Steam!