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Goodbye Flash Player, Hello upjers Home!

Next year will be the death knell for the Flash Player. Some of our browser games would no longer be playable (in theory) if it weren't for a clever alternative...

Flash technology is now 20 years old - that's ancient considering the dynamic, ever-faster development of the IT world. Since there are numerous alternatives to Flash content nowadays, browser developers are starting to gradually phase out the Flash plug-in; it is blocked by default in many browsers today, and soon it will be removed altogether. 

September 2019: Mozilla will release version 69 of its Firefox browser, which will no longer support any Flash players. Beginning early 2020, it will no longer be possible to manuall enable a Flash Player in Firefox either.

December 2020: Google has announced that it will no longer support Flash with version 87 of Chrome.

End of 2020: Adobe will completely end support for the Adobe Flash Player. That's the end of the Flash Player as we know it.

So... how will things continue for My Free Zoo, My Little Farmies & Co.?

It's simple: With our own player for upjers games - upjers Home. We developed it last year as a convenient way to play our Flash games and equipped it with a number of amazing perks:

  • Double daily upjers points from your scratchcard - and a one-time gift of 500 upjers points
  • Direct access to our news and blog
  • "Non-Flash" games are playable with upjers Home too!

Of course, there will be regular updates to the upjers Home. You won't need to install, activate or manage any plug-ins - just open it and play!

What are you waiting for? Jump on into the upjers Home!

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