Oh my cow! My Free Farm goes to the races – here are the rules

Cow racing is a permanent feature now!

The My Free Farm cow race has now become a permanent part of the game!

Every 14 days you can participate in a new racing season with daily races, leader boards and lucrative prizes.

How it works? It’s as simple as registering yourself with the in-game organizers, pay your entry fee and then send your highly trained racing cow off to participate in the daily races.

These races are held every day at about 12h noon (CET/CEST). Should you decide not to actively enter a race, you will have to skip the respective race.

After each race you will receive a certain points score depending on your racing cow’s position across the finishing line. At the end of the season these points determine your position on the leader boards. Each cow will also receive a set number of experience points.

Once the season has ended, the leading three players will receive a gold, silver, or bronze trophy for their display cabinet plus a handsome sum of Potato Dollars goes to all participants for their training efforts.

Please ensure that your racing cow is fully trained and equipped before entering her into a race. You cannot make any changes or train your cow once entered. Also note that your cow needs to rest for a day after a race. So it’s best to have more than one cow on your racing team to get the best possible results.

Train well, play fair and win!

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