My Free Farm - Gigantic fruits in your farmers' market

Our latest game patch allows you to grow truly monstrous fruits in your farmers' market: with the monster fruit culture!

The new building can be purchased starting at level 31. In it, the busy gardeners can drop of seeds of regular plants, and, with a bit of loving care and the use of different tools of the categories water, light and fertilizer, grow a plant of truly monstrous proportions.

pn_mff_monster_fruits.jpg (640×250)

The monster fruit will gain players a load of points, potato dollars as well as certain amount of monster fruit seeds when being harvested. These monster fruit seeds can be used to level up the monster fruit culture and unlock further tools that you can use to tend to your growing fruits.

All details can of course be looked up in our forum, as always - or best log into your My Free Farm accounts and see for yourselves!

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