Happy Birthday, My Free Farm! Biofuel and more!

My Free Farm is celebrating its 6th anniversary with a collossal update. A new farm, a new factory, new products, new features - this patch has it all!

My Free Farm is celebrating its 6th birthday!

To celebrate, we're proud to present one of the biggest updates in My Free Farm history.

Explore a slew of new features, ranging from a brand new production site - the Biofuel Facility (level 40) - to a new farm with a host of new products.

Weather, together with the Weather Frog, is also making a permanent comeback, adding daily growth bonuses to a random selection of plants every day. Additionally, improvements have been made to the contract interface.

Players level 40 and up will also be able to unlock a new farm - Farm 5 - togehter with the option to transport goods from far-off farms to the main farm cluster, a huge selection of new products, and a new Main Quest Series which will allow players to unlock additional products and construction sites on the 5th farm.

Find out all the details in the forums!

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