Gain golden acorns on My Free Farm!

upnews_1347869624.pngAutumn is coming up, and it's time to prepare for the winter. To ensure the forest-animals will survive the cold season, Gerardo is starting to collect acorns this week. Trade with him and receive golden or even diamond acorns for your letter case/shadowbox on My Free Farm US and My Free Farm UK!
From September 17th to October 1st all forestry owners (from level 20) will be able to earn golden acorns! Upon your first log in during that time, you'll get a total of 25 acorn saplings in your forestry.

Hand them in at Gerardo's in Pondsville/Pondington, and help the wild animals make it through the winter!


Gerardo will reward you with golden or diamond acorns for your shadowbox/letter case  in exchange. Don't have a forestry yet? Then go to Pondsville/Pondington and activate it via the log cabin!

And, not to forget... 4000 harvested acorns will get you cute acorn imp for your shadowbox/letter case!


During the course of this campaign, you'll also get twice the growth time reduction for trees inside your forestry for the same amount of Coins!

Grab your saplings, get, set, go!

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