Beautiful days at My Free Farm

Enjoy the Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival

Everywhere you can see Sakura trees - Japanese Cherry – in full bloom, pleasing the eyes with their light-pink blossoms.

That is a good reason to start the Cherry Blossom Festival! Until May 21st, 23:59h CEST, you collect cherry blossoms when logging in, spending coins and picking up products.

When you pick up products from Chicken Coop, Cowshed, Sheep Paddock, Apiary, Mayo Kitchen, Cheese Dairy, Wool Spinning Mill, Candy Kitchen, Fish Farm, Goat Farm, Oil Press, Special Oil Refinery, Angora Shed, Knitting Mill, and Tea Refinery, every player has a chance to find cherry blossoms.

For all the cherry blossoms you pick up, you can get Points power ups (up to 2,5%), an unique shadowbox item and special decorations for your farm house and field.

As is fit for such an occasion, at the architect‘s you can again purchase the White Cherry Tree House.

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