A dog for your farms - now on My Free Farm

Our latest update comes with a wealth of exciting new functions to ease the chores of every hard-working farmer. Plus, you can now secure yourselves a trusty new furry friend: Good Godfrey will help you speed up your productions!

A real farm needs a farm-dog! Our newcomer Good Godfrey is a truly unique dog, too: Available as one-time bonus on top of your purchase, the dog will stay on your farm permanently. His powers are extraordinary: Once every day, he will accelerate all productions on your farm by 10 minutes! Godfrey will speed up all productions/plants on your farm only. The forestry, the picnic area as well as the second village (including the village) are out of his reach, and can therefore not be accelerated!

But that's not all we've got for you today: switch from one farm to the next with our elegant new slider, and enjoy the feeling of flying across your lands! 

With a reworked message system, contacting your friends has never been this convenient. Want to check your current progress? Then take a look at your user-details on the top left side of your screen. You'll now be able to check your current level-progress at a glance.

The quest-bar has also received a new paint-job: instead of the dreary, black bar you'll now see buttons allowing you to easily access the first and second series of quests. Premium users will even be able to access the forestry and picnic area quests here!

Another feature that will make the work of all busy farmers even easier, is the display of completed products above the respective production sites. Thanks to this new feature, you'll now be able to see with just one glance, which of your production sites or fields have products and plants ready to be picked up. Premium players will be able to make use of a feature that will make things even easier for them: on the right hand-side of the screen, you will now see a button that lets you fade in your farm-checker Image

Needless to say, you will find further details on today's patch in our game-forum, as always!

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Check out our latest My Free Farm update now!

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