11th Anniversary of My Free Farm!

Time flies, much like the huge flocks of geese heading south for the winter. But that isn't always bad news. Sometimes it gives us another well-needed occasion to party!
My Free Farm is celebrating its 11th Anniversary! We've been around for a whole decade - and more! And as always, you're invited! And what's a birthday without a party and presents? So of course, we have plenty in store for you!

Birthday Gifts:

As always, you will get a special gift just for logging on during the festivities between October 6 at 10:00 am CEST and October 16 at 11:59 pm CEST.

Of course, there's also another gift that'll you'll automatically receive when you've been playing for 11 whole years!

Birthday Bonuses:

From now until October 16 at 11:59 pm CEST, you'll be able to enjoy a wealth of farmtastic bonuses:

* 20% bonus on fruit size when using Monster Fruit items
* 20% more points for feeding butterflies
* +2 yield from vet productions
* +1 yield on nursery productions
* +1 yield on cow racing productions
* 20% discount on animal piece packs that cost Coins
* 20% on rental production slots

Party Supplies:

From now until October 16 at 11:59 pm CEST, you'll be able to find party supplies when harvesting select crops:

Balloons - from Strawberrries, Potatoes, and Redcurrants

Party Hats - from Sunflowers, Radishes, and Blueberries

Party Horns - from Herbs, Tomatoes, and Zucchinis

These can be redeemed until October 20 for all sorts of fun prizes:

* 2% Points Power-Ups
* Product Bundles
* Shadowbox Item (an 11 that can be upgraded by repeat purchases - bronze, silver, gold, diamond!)
* Farmhouse decorations
* Birthday Power-Ups (create various products)

Birthday Bundle:

During the event, you'll also be able to buy a special bundle to help you celebrate! 

The Birthday Bundle costs 70 Coins and contains:

* Rainbow Cake House (House Design)
* Party Chair Sheep House Decoration
* 250 Balloons
* 150 Party Hats
* 100 Party Horns

The Rainbow Cake House (House Design) can also be purchased separately from the architect for 40 Coins until October 16!

Time Capsule:

11 years are a lot of time... and a lot of features! Take a walk down memory lane with the time capsule!

You'll find the My Free Farm Time Capsule just above your farmhouse on your main farm - it will show you an overview of when the most important features were added to the game!


Parties are fun, but confetti-covered sheep jumping in the sprinklers just aren't for everyone. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, grab your fishing rod and tackle and just chill by the lake. Lucky for you, Mootown's finest farm now allows you to scratch that itch.

The Fishing Shack can now be unlocked on the Second Farmer's Market for 2,500,000 pD at level 44 and up! 

But before you can throw yourself into your pier-side folding chair, you'll need some supplies:

* Fishing Gear - Boots and a classy hat are a must. Not only do they look dashing and prevent your fisherman from getting wet feet, they also award bonuses to fish size or rewards. Click on the Fishing Gear button to shop till you drop (each gear combo has a limited number of uses before you'll need to replace them):

* Species Bait - Some nice bait that will attract certain species of fish. You can craft this from farm-fresh ingredients in the main menu of the fishing shack.

* Rarity Bait - Add some glamor to that smelly bait! Who needs a regular worm when you can have organic, dirt-fed free range grubs? You can craft this from farm-fresh ingredients in the main menu of the fishing shack.

To increase the efficiency of your bait production, you can also book serial production for 7 days for 10 Coins - just click on the ole fisherman:

So you've got your gear and your bait ready? Then head outside!

Outside, you'll find your trusty fishermen pals, ready to do the boring waiting for you (you can still sit and wait in suspense, or enjoy the fresh air or whatever). Choose your gear and bait, and then wait wait wait!

Once the time's up, your fisherman will present his catch. You will be awarded Fishing Licenses, Scales, Pearls, PotatoDollars and points based on the size of your catch. The bigger your fish for its species, the more you'll get!

Your Catch Log will record which species you've caught, as well as the top 5 specimens caught per species!

Scales and Pearls are required for making some kinds of bait. The Scales you get depend on the species of the fish you caught; the Pearls are determined by its rarity. You can find them in your Treasure Box.

Fishing Licenses will allow you to increase your Fishing Level, which unlocks new bait for you.

As always, there's also a new quest series and achievements to accompany the feature. Complete quests to unlock more fishing slots, new gear, and bonuses to fishing time, fish bait production time and Fishing Licenses earned!
Let's go!