Sweet Surprises for Mothers in My Sunny Resort!

The trees are in bloom, and the tourist season has begun! For mother's day, a lot of families come to the resort to pamper their moms - now you can do your part to make their stay as wonderful as possible, and earn some fantastic prizes along the way!

Roses and plushies are perfect gifts for mothers - and can also make great decorations for resort lodgings. Treat the mothers among your vacationers to the beautiful sight of trees in bloom, and pamper them with a series of adorable plushies and delicious cakes.

During our very special Mother's Day event, you'll be able to place seasonal Mother's Day decorations to earn Tulips. The more you place, the more rewards you'll receive. This year's rewards include feel good items such as a cuddley plush seal or a tranquil pond. The grand prize is a very special animated decoration - the Chirping Chest - which will leave all of your visitors speechless!

Find out more in the forums or just stop by in the game itself to find out everything you need to know!

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