Soccer Fun in the Sun

The European Championship is here! What a great time to meet up with friends, have a barbecue, and play some casual soccer yourself. Now you can provide your vacationers with the ultimate sports experience!

It's time for the kick-off!

The 2016 European Championship is starting in France, and your vacationers have caught a bad case of soccer fever. Give them what they need to enjoy a sports-filled vacation and collect Soccer Balls to secure some amazing rewards for yourself.

For the first time ever, you'll be able to redeem the soccer balls you collect for prizes immediately (between now and July 13th!).
These include boosters and pieces for a special new NPC - the athletic Ball Boy Toby

The various soccer field pieces can be used to assemble an entire soccer field for your resort - make it longer or shorter, bigger or smaller. You can lay the pieces to make the perfect field suited to your resort's needs:

Find out more in the forums, or head on over to the game and see for yourself!

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