Let it snow! Prizes and Presents in My Sunny Resort

Even in the warmer places, people dream of a white Christmas. There's nothing quite like the tranquility of snow flakes drifting down on a quiet night - and now you can enjoy that experience in your resort!

Snowflakes about in My Sunny Resort!

For this year's Christmas Event, you'll be able to decorate your resort with Christmas classics - snowmen and Christmas lights, presents and more! From now until December 21 at 11:00am CET, you can collect snowflakes from your new winter decorations at regular intervals.

The snowflakes you collect can instantly be redeemed for a variety of fantastic prizes, including card pieces for decorations, or even an icy new bungalow! 

Read up on the specifics in the forums, or head on over to the game to find out for yourself!

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