An Idyllic Autumn in the Resort

The beaches are somewhat emptier, and only a few adventurous guests are swimming laps in the pool. Autumn is finally here - it may be getting colder, but this season brings with it a whole new type of beauty, and going for long walks has never been more fun.

Fall is such a beautiful season - the forests are full of color - and if you're lucky you might just spot some deer on an afternoon walk!

From now until September 14th at 10:59am CEST, all players level 9 and up will find the seasonal section of their shop stocked with a variety of gorgeous fall-themed decorations, which grant a certain amount of Autumn Leaves at regular intervals.

The Leaves can be redeemed for wonderful prizes including last year's autumn gingko and hedgehog family, as well as a brand-new landmark decoration, the Autumnal Duel

Find out more in the forums or head on over to the game and see for yourself!

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