The Grand Tournament

From far and wide, knights are coming to My Little Farmies to take part in a tournament - the village has never been more excited!

Let the trumpets roar and the lances clash! The most epic tournament of the year has begun in My Little Farmies!

This year's Autumn event is a classic collection event. For the duration of the event, you'll find the seasonal section of your shop stocked with everything you need to create your own tournament grounds - from tournament fences for your melee and joust, over colorful tents and banners to daring knights. 

Each tournament decoration you place on your farm will give you points in the form of Shields. Collecting enough Shields before the event ends on September 13th at 11:59am CEST will allow you to earn an exciting new wonder of the world: the stunning Castle of Wonders!

Find out more in the forums or head on over to the game and see for yourself!

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