New Premium Perks and a Fantastic Sale

A premium account is a great way to benefit in all sorts of ways - and thanks to a special sale, you can level yours up cheaper than ever!

We're pleased to introduce two more premium status levels with even more perks for busy premium-point collectors! Get the most out of your premium account - you can now reach levels 9 and 10!


But that's not all!

We're pleased to announce a

My Little Farmies Sale!

Beginning on Tuesday, April 24, at 11:01 am and up to Tuesday, May 1, at 11:59 pm Central European SummerTime, you'll have the chance to earn back a percentage of the Gold Bars you spend in the game. The more Gold Bars you spend, the higher the percentage you can get back. 

  • 0-99 Gold Bars: 5% of your Gold Bars back
  • 100-499 Gold Bars: 10% of your Gold Bars back 
  • 500-999 Gold Bars: 15% of your Gold Bars back
  • 1000-1999 Gold Bars: 20% of your Gold Bars back
  • 2000+ Gold Bars: 25% of your Gold Bars back

This is a great chance to save on fancy decorations, rare animals, buildings, expansions, and more!

The Gold Bars earned will be paid out upon logging in between Wednesday, May 2, at 11:00 am and Tuesday, May 9, at 10:59 am CEST

In the game, you'll see a symbol on the right side of the screen that will show you the duration of the event. During the event, all premium purchases will be logged there, and you'll be shown how much you'll get back on Monday. 

Also: Don't forget to keep an eye out for a very special hot deal!

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