New Destinations for your Guilds

Explore far off-lands and trade exotic goods. Send your ships out to brand-new destinations in My Little Farmies!

Today's patch finally brings you new destinations for your guild expeditions in My Little Farmies!


Effective immediately, there are eight new destinations available. These are much further away than current expeditions, so you'll want to prepare bigger and faster ships for these new voyages.

The coordinates for these trade destinations are a well-kept secret and can be acquired in the guild shop for a price (either Thalers or Gold Bars). The costs are covered by the guild funds - which means only Aldermen and Consuls can make these purchases for the guild.

Once unlocked, the following new destinations can be visited:

  • Torys
  • Tamasne
  • Azbet Nesir
  • Karemali
  • Cape Tarney
  • Bemanda
  • Kosanga-Landu
  • Ozambonda

Since the map now encompasses a whole lot of different destinations, we've added a handy compass to navigate between them:


Paired with these new destinations, there are also eight new colonial goods:


Last but not least, you can now fill your marketstalls straight from the warehouse with this convenient button:

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