Creepy Canopic Jars and a Legendary Prize

Awe-inspiring structures, terrifying gods, creepy preservation methods, mummies and more - the ancient Egyptians had it all. Now you can, too!

Halloween in My Little Farmies is everything but a standard affair.
Forget the jack-o-lanterns - we're taking you on a thrilling trip to Ancient Egypt!

From now until November 2, you'll find the shop stocked with everything you need to bring Ancient Egypt to your farm. Sculptures of Egyptian gods, mighty temples, imposing pyramids and more. All of these stunning decorations will grant you Canopic Jars. Collect enough, and you'll be able to secure yourself the grand prize: the legendary Lighthouse of Pharos!

This architectural masterpiece which once graced the tiny island of Pharos by Alexandria was considered a wonder of the world. Now you can enjoy a scale model on your farm. Every 5 hours, you'll be able to collect 1-3 random products (and possible a wonder of the world piece!) from this magnificent tower.

Find out more about the event in the forums, or just head on over to the game and see for yourself!


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