Bunnies Abound in the Easter Garden

All those eggs for the Easter egg hunts need to be painted somewhere. Legends speak of a mysterious Easter Garden, where the Easter Bunny and his friends and family tirelessly paint eggs...

Spring is here, and preparations for Easter are well underway. Now you can join the fun and earn a fantastic new prize while you're at it!

The Easter Event in My Little Farmies is a two-part event. If you participated in our Christmas or Valentine's Day event, you'll have a basic understanding of how it works:

1. Place Easter decorations earn Spring Flowers to unlock the Easter Garden
2. Set up Easter Bunnies in the Easter Garden to produce Easter Eggs

Collecting Easter Eggs will allow you to earn card pieces for a brand-new wonder of the world: the Trapper
7,000 Eggs will be enough to earn a Trapper; if you manage to go the extra mile and collect 12,000 Eggs, you'll even get a second one!

The Trapper allows you to get various animal pelts, which can be processed to fur in the Tannery. You can find out more about these products in our forum announcement.

Happy Easter!

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