Build your own Nativity Scene!

Christmas is just around the corner, and Farmies are busy decorating their snowed in paths and fields. A classic fixture of every town square is the winter nativity scene - and now you can build one, too!

Shepherds and sheep, kings, donkeys and oxen - all of them are gathering around the magical scene in a small stable. A classic Nativity Scene is a central fixture of village marketplaces in the winter - now you can build one for My Little Farmies too!

This year's Christmas Event provides you with all the pieces you need for a Nativity Scene of your own, as well some odds and ends to decorate your town and fields.

Place decorations before the event ends on December 20 at 11:59am CET to earn a special new wonder of the world: a Candle Arch!

Find out more in the forums - or better yet, just check it out in the game!

Tags: My Little Farmies, Christmas, Nativity Scene, Wooden Figurines, Candle Arch, wonder of the world
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