The Saola as New Bonus Animal in My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo Gets the Horns – in a Good Way!

Two special animals are currently visiting your zoo.

The Saola is the new bonus animal in your zoo. The Vietnamese forest deer has dark brown fur. The Saola got its name because of its horns which can reach a total length of up to 50 cm. The Vietnamese term Sao La meansSpindle Horn”.

But that’s not all we also have another great animal in store for you. Due to its length of 40 cm, its leg-spread of 1 m, and its weight of 4 kg the Coconut Crab is the biggest terrestrial crustacean worldwide. It got its name because of its habit of climbing up palm trees and opening the coconuts which grow there. The Coconut Crab is new in the shop now.

Enjoy the new inhabitants in My Free Zoo.

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