The Saltwater Croc is back!

If you love reptiles, and think bigger and badder is better, you'll love this week's addition to the zoo shop: The Saltwater Crocodile!

Today's patch brings back a former bonus animal: The Saltwater Crocodile!

This massive reptile is a fearsome predator, found in the rivers, swamps and oceans in the Southern Pacific from India all the way to Australia. 

The Saltwater Crocodile is now available in the zoo shop for players level 44 or higher for 60 Diamonds.

It can be housed in water enclosures, where it will patiently lurk for snacks. It takes up 10 spaces, and you can keep up to six of them in a single enclosure. 

... In other news, we've added a small quality of life improvement for browsing through your animals: 

The ring menu now features two little green arrows that will let your browse through all the individuals of a specific species - perfect for finding those critters in big zoos!

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