The Easter Bunny has Visited the Zoo!

Spring has made its way to the zoo - colorful flowers, Easter decorations, and a brand new species await you in this year's Easter campaign!

Spring is officially here now, and Easter is just around that corner. Of course that means it's time for another Easter Campaign!

Once again, you'll be able to decorate your zoo with some eggsellent spring decorations, and collect Daffodils to earn some great prizes!

Give your zoo an air of spring, with delightful decorations including Easter rabbit, hedgehog and duckling statues, catkin trees, cupcake stalls and a whole new set of tulip-covered fences!

Every decoration you place in your zoo will give you points in the form of Daffodils:

You can click on this icon at the right side of your playing field to see your progress:

Collecting enough Daffodils before the event ends on April 8th at 11:59am CEST will allow you to earn some exciting rewards, including last year's grand prize, the Snow Goose and a brand new exclusive animal species: the North American Porcupine!


500 Daffodils - Snow Goose (m)
2,000 Daffodils - North American Porcupine (m)
10,000 Daffodils - Snow Goose (f)
25,000 Daffodils - 1 Gold Booster
60,000 Daffodils - North American Porcupine (f)

The North American Porcupine is an arboreal rodent, and next to the beaver, it is North America's largest rodent species. In your zoo, it will be right at home in Forest and Rock enclosures

Please note: Only decorations placed in your zoo when the event ends on April 8th, 2015 at 11:59am CEST will count towards your reward. Items in your inventory will not count! So make sure to place everything you buy IN YOUR ZOO.

So check in now and discover the great Easter decorations!

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