Summery Savanna Sensations

It's getting hot in My Free Zoo - hot bonuses and even hotter new enclosure decorations await!

Summer is here! 

Enjoy some Summer, Sun, Savanna - during the event, you'll get twice as many experience points for taking care of your animals in savanna enclosures. So now's the time to give them some extra special attention!

But if that wasn't enough, we're pleased to present a whole new collection of gorgeous savanna decorations, which will make it rain even more experience points! From saguaros to sand dudes - there's something for every taste!

Each savanna decoration, be it a cactus, sand dune or oasis, will grant an additional bonus to either feeding, entertaining or tending to your animals, so you can score even more points while visually sprucing up the enclosures! It's a win-win!

The decorations will be available forever, but this hot summer event only runs until June 8th at 11:59am CEST!

Tags: summer, sun, savanna, savanna decorations, experience points
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