Special offers for all zoo directors!

upnews_1347352038.pngGreat news for all enthusiastic  zoo directors on My Free Zoo! As of today, each player will receive a special offer especially tailored to their level upon their first login of the day.
Always wanted to have this particular decoration or animal but just didn't have enough zoo-dollars at the moment? Well, you might just be lucky enough and be able to buy it for a special price upon today's login. But don't wait for too long: this offer will only be valid for a total of 10 minutes.


Signed into your zoo today yet? Well, best stop by there soon and have a look: your personal offer of the day might just be the item or animal you've been meaning to buy for the last few weeks!

And don't forget: only today, September 13th until 23:59 hours UTC you'll get a free golden statue to celebrate the 3 millionth user on My Free Zoo! Check it out now and place it in your zoo!
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