Prehistoric Fun in your Zoo

The Natural History Museum and the Zoological Society have teamed up to create a place for all those Museum animals you've brought back from extinction: the all-new Prehistoric Park region!

The Prehistoric Park is a brand-new region that allows you to created mixed species exhibits in a magnificent prehistoric setting.


In addition to allowing you to create unique enclosures with mixed communities of extinct animals, the Prehistoric Park will attract significantly more visitors. There are also special decorations for your Prehistoric Park (some for enclosures, some for outside) as well as themed stalls so your visitors can enjoy a real blast from the past!

Unlocking the Prehistoric Park

To gain access to the Prehistoric Park, you must have a Zoological Society in your zoo. This building grants you access to regions with special properties, such as the the Zoo d'Amour, the Serengeti, and the new Prehistoric Park. 

To unlock the Prehistoric Park, you must first complete some prerequisite tasks:

Note: You can skip this task for 290 Diamonds (or less, if you've already completed some of it), but this will only skip the prerequisite. You will not get any baby animals, nor will you get credit for achievements that involve breeding these animals. You are only paying to skip the prerequisite!

Once these tasks are complete, you can unlock the Prehistoric Park for either 40,000,000 ZD or 175 Diamonds

- Breed 10 Dodos
- Breed 10 Woolly Mammoths
- Breed 10 Smilodons
- Breed 10 Ankylosaurus

Expanding and Populating the Prehistoric Park

Your Prehistoric Park starts out with a size of 20x20 fields with a number of obstacles that need to be removed to make room for enclosures. Some of these cost Diamonds to remove.  Of course, there are also a number of expansions for the region.

Animals in the Prehistoric Park require special Prehistoric Park enclosures, which can be purchased in the shop while in the Prehistoric Park. While regular space limits apply, there is no herd limit within Prehistoric Park enclosures, allowing you to keep impressive herds of mammoths!

At time of release, the Prehistoric Park can be home to the following species:
Haast's Eagle, Moa, Quagga, Giant Ground Sloth, Thylacine, Woolly Rhinoceros, Dodo, Glyptodon, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Bear Dog, Deinotherium, Terrorbird, Woolly Mammoth, Quetzalcoatlus, Smilodon, Paraceratherium, Tyrannosaurus

Breeding in the Prehistoric Park

As breeding in mixed species enclosures is too stressful for the animals, breeding animals in the Prehistoric Park requires special breeding enclosures, in which you can only keep a single species. These can be purchased in the shop and outfitted with prehistoric breeding equipment (watering hole and habitation).

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