My Free Zoo: Season greetings from the mountain pastures

As is tradition in the alps, in September farmers bring their cattle back from the mountain pastures...

Adorned with colorful flowers and ribbons and huge cow bells around their neck, the "Almabtrieb" is a great opportunity for celebrations.

So when the summer comes to an end this is the perfect opportunity for zoo directors in the game to display their best autumn-themed decorations and start collecting cow bell tokens.

Put up illustrious decorations like the cheese stand, alpine huts, milk churns to earn all the cow bell tokens.

Your main reward – amongst other rare and highly collectible animals – will be the Western Capercaillie. Usually inhabiting the mountainous woodlands, this bird, also called Wood Grouse or Heather Cock, is famous for its mating rituals and distinctive song.

The Capercaillie can be placed in woodland and grass enclosures as well as on the Children‘s Farm. Also you may chose the Tibetan sand fox and/or the Gaur (or „Indian Bison“) for your zoo.

The collection event ends on September 18th, 10:59h CEST.

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