Hide Easter Eggs in your Zoo

Eggs here, eggs there, eggs everywhere! Hide eggs behind your enclosures, next to benches, in the flowerbeds and make your own Easter egg hunt in My Free Zoo!

Spring is in the air! The animals are coming out of their burrows, and enjoying the fresh breeze and the scent of flowers.

For the human visitors in the zoo, it's a time for Easter Egg Hunts - and now you can hide (or blatantly place) plenty of egg and spring-themed decorations in your zoo during our Easter Event!

Each spring decoration you place will grant Spotted Easter Eggs - collect as many as you can from now until March 30th at 11:59am CEST to earn fantastic prizes, including a brand-new species for your zoo, the South African Springhare!

Happy Easter!

Tags: My Free Zoo, Easter Event, Easter Eggs, South African Springhare, North American Porcupine
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